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3rd Week of Ordinary Time - Thursday

SMM India
Published by in Weekday Homily · 24 January 2021
Tags: W.H.46
28th January, Thursday
I.  Heb 10: 19-25;        
II. Mk 4: 21-25
Theme: Be a source of light to others.
In the Gospel Jesus challenges His disciples to receive His Light and be sources of Light to others.  Since we have been enlightened, we cannot have the Light for ourselves. We must let the Light do what is meant to do that is to shine on others. So, we must share, and the more we share what we have been given the more light we will have and the more we will be able to share.  The more we give to those in need the more we will be enriched and enlightened. Jesus came as the Light.  He enlightened His disciples.  They in turn are commissioned to be light to the world.  Light symbolizes warmth, joy, energy, life, and peace.  Jesus was, and is, all of that and even more. We use light in our worship, all pointing to the Light which is Jesus. We too are called to be light to others,  and spread the Light to others. We cannot hide the Light we have received we must let the Light shine in and through us. It is so important for us to realize that we are called into a personal relationship with the God and the more we develop that intimate contact with God whom we call Abba Father. The more we realize that we are called into relationship with all we together imitate what Jesus did and said, We collectively become the presence of Jesus to others.
Bro Martin SMM

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