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           After the departure of Italian confreres, it was Fr. Flynn who took the leading role.  He was the novice master and also fully in charge of the delegation. In the course of time, Fr. Anil Kumar was appointed as Delegation Superior - the First Indian to take up the leading role.
The Indian confreres had to take up the formation and the mission works. Systematically it was executed. After Anil Kumar, Fr. Raja Rao was appointed as Regional Superior. Certain George Sullivan says “ success does not come from working hard. Success comes from playing hard. Therefore if you want success, you must position yourself so that the duties that you perform, no matter how difficult or challenging, are considered play to you and not work. If you do this, not only will you gain success, but you will have fun doing it. After 6 years of Raja’s service to the region, Fr. Alphonse Walder was appointed as Regional Superior in 1997. David Viscott says “ The purpose of growth is to become better. Accept your life as a gift. Accept the responsibility to act in your own best interest. Believe that if you are a good person what you seek for yourself will also be good, provided you are honest about your needs". Later it is  Fr., Peter Mascarenhas, as Delegation Superior doing his best. Each person does his best according to his capacity as it is said by John Burroughts “the price is always work, patience, love, self-sacrifice, no paper currency, no promise to pay, but the gold of real service”. Mary, the mother of Divine Providence and Fr. De. Montfort, the great saint of Wisdom and mission are with us, and we continue our ministry in the Lord’s vineyard.
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