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4th Week of Lent - Wednesday

SMM India
Published by in Lenten Homilies · 13 March 2021
Tags: L.H.27
Wednesday 17th March
I. Is 49: 8-15
II. Jn 5: 17-30
Theme: Cling to the Lord with Hope.
The hope I sense in the readings comes from knowing that God wants the best for us.  Isaiah reminds us that even if a mother could forget the child to whom she has given life God will never forget us.  Even though events and circumstances in our life seem to be going not so good God is still with us and leads us. That is the hope to which we need to cling on especially when we face with troubles.  Isaiah is comforting the people with the promise that God would take care of them, nourish them, and lead them back.  During the darkest days of our lives, we ought to seek the Lord and keep our eyes focused on the Lord Jesus and His message because God will restore and lift up all who seek Him. Jesus in today’s Gospel speaks of God doing the very best especially to those who turn to God for help.  God the Abba Father sent the Son the very best, the One Who is in total relationship with the Abba. The Son seeks to do the will of His Abba and that means giving life to those who put their faith in the One sent by the Abba. Jesus promises to bring life to those who seem lifeless. No matter what seems to be letting us down God is offering us hope and the promise that God will bring us happiness and joy in our lives.  All we need to do is turn more fully toward our God. Jesus came to remind us of the love which the Abba Father has for us. With hope let us stick on to the truth of God’s love.  Jesus words assure us, the one who hears My Word and has faith in the One Who sent me, possesses eternal life. This is promise of the Best One sent by the heavenly Father Who loves us more than a mother loves the child whom she has carried within her for nine months.  Let us cling on to this hope.
Bro. Martin

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