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Silver Jubilee Celebration of Montfort Fathers In Bethamcherla

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Published by in Bethamcherla · 12 February 2020
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Bethamcherla, Kurnool: There is no doubt that Bethamcherla is one of the most spiritually developed areas in the Kurnool Diocese. Contemporaries belief is that those who believe and respect their beliefs are true Christians, and such true Catholics remain in the vicinity of the Bethamcherla. Many historians believe that the history of India and Andhra Pradesh begins with the region of Bethamcherla. The contribution of many great people to establish faith in Bethamcherla is immeasurable and unforgettable. Among them were noble Bishops, priests, religious, and others. Bethamcherla's turbulent history can be defined in two parts.
The first part is the Diocesan fathers’ history. Second part Montfort fathers later history. The first bishop of Kurnool Diocese was Most. Rev. Dr. Rajappa. In the 70s, the fathers were sent out to make parish on behalf of the people who had visited the villages of Gorumanukonda, Bugganapalli village, and Seetharamapuram in Bethamcherla Mandal. He subsequently took charge of the development of the Inquisition in the wake of Most. Rev. Dr. Mathew Cherian Cunnell, Most. Rev. Dr. Arulya, Most. Rev. Dr. Gorantla Juanesh and Most. Rev. Dr. Poole Anthony. Their services are amazing and unique. Ever since the trial was set up, the services of the fathers to this day have been towering and unforgettable.
The past reveals that the first priests were responsible for the parish of Bethamcherla. Rev. Fr. Joseph was there for a short time, and Rev. Fr. Swaminathan served as diocesan priests. It is to note that, many people are still leaning in their mouths with some constructive programs, including spiritual development. Along with them, the animators assisted in their devotion to the people. The parish of the golden letters in the trial is the adoption of the trial by the Montfort Fathers. This topic divides the history of the Bethamcherla parish into two parts. All of the programs mentioned above are structural and developmental services provided by the Kurnool diocesan priests. Their services where both affordable and priceless.
The work of the Montfort Fathers in the development of the Bethamcherla parish was immense. This congregation is serving all over the country by providing their services to the world at large. They are served in several states by their preaching and parish ministry. As a part of this, the Montfort fathers coming to Bethamcherla in the Kurnool diocese in Andhra Pradesh have been adopted and the people are being brought up there spiritually. Their arrival added perfume to the Bethamcherla. They have served the public through various development and construction programs. Upon their arrival, many of the villages under investigation took up the construction of churches and houses. There is no doubt that they have been able to bring rationality to the people, respecting their culture, respecting their cultures and eradicating superstitions. If they see this, they are 1995 Bethamcherla parish services started in 25 years Successfully continued and currently celebrates the silver jubilee. We must commemorate the fathers who are part of such a celebration.
(1) Fr. David Joseph: He was the first Montfort priest to work in the parish from 1995 - 1996. He served in the parish. It is worth discussing. He was able to lead people in spirituality through the practice of the Holy Rosary in all the villages.
(2) Late Fr. Divyanathan: He served as parish priest on two occasions 1996 - 1998, 2006 - 2012.
(3) Fr. Bala Showri from 1998 – 2005: During his time lot of construction works took place as well as spiritual nourishment was very great. He created history.
(4) Fr. Aswani Kumar: 2012 - 2015 He was praised by the public with his excellent messages. He has organized the youth in the parish and provided their services
(5) Fr. Kiran Kumar: 2015 - 2017 He is known for being a gentle and approachable by delivering his message to the people who are fully integrated into the community.
(6) Fr. Ravi Joseph: His services in the parish were comforting to the ears of parish faithful. He was very friendly to everyone.
(7) Fr. V. Vara Prasad 2019 - Present: - He is a God-given gift to the parish of the Bethamcherla. Through his preaching, he leads the people of God to the holiness. He is known for his punctuality. He encourages the Legion of Mary for the service of the faithful. Other Montfort fathers have long sought a trial and sacrificed their lives for the parish. Priests express their devotion to Mary. It is no exaggeration to say that the priests and the people in the Kurnool Diocese are in the forefront to show the development of the parish work with the help of Kurnool diocese in various villages.
I sincerely thank Most Rev. Dr. Poole Anthony who supports us in all the ways possible to carry out our spiritual duties in the Bethemcherla parish with his encouragement and blessings.
If we are celebrating 25 years of our Montfort fathers’ presence in the Kurnool Diocese it was possible only through the grace of God, in the name of the Holy Mary and St. Montfort.

Fr. V. Vara Prasad, SMM

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