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3rd Week of Lent - Thursday

SMM India
Published by in Lenten Homilies · 8 March 2021
Tags: L.H.22
Thursday, 11th March
Jer 7: 23-28
Lk 11: 14-23
Theme: He intended to please no one except his Father
We live in a society. As human beings, society is of vital importance for our existence. However, very often it influences us negatively; we are controlled and conditioned by the society in which we live. Let me explain suppose someone compliments you saying you look so great today it makes you feel so overjoyed and confident. But if somebody tells you that you’re so stupid that single negative remark is more than enough to spoil the entire day. Consequently, most of our actions are either reactions to praise and blame or actions to receive appreciation and avoid criticism. You see we are not in control of ourselves and our emotions. We are being controlled and conditioned by the society. Coming to the Gospel of the day we see Jesus driving out a demon. And there were two kinds of people in the crowd. Some of them praised Jesus and were amazed at the miracle. While there were others who said that, he drives out demons by the chief of the demons. Now, what is great about Jesus is that he was affected neither by their praise nor by their condemnation. Not because he was insensitive or lacked emotions. He was a human being just like you and me. Yet unlike many of us he wasn’t bothered about what others would talk about him. He was wholly focused on doing the will of his Father. He says in the Gospel of St. John 4: 34, “My food is to do the will of him who sent me.” People called him a sinner, one possessed by devil, a glutton and drunkard, the son of a carpenter and so on. However, no criticism whatsoever could let him down from doing the will of the Father. He intended to please no one except his Father. Let us look into our own lives and see to what extent we are free from the clutches of society to do the will of God
Bro. Martin

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