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3rd Week of Lent - Monday

SMM India
Published by in Lenten Homilies · 7 March 2021
Tags: L.H.19
Monday 8th March
I.  2Kgs 5: 1-15
II. Lk 4: 24-30
Theme: Salvation is for All
Today’s readings reveal that God makes his offer of salvation to all men including Jew and Gentile. God’s ways of intervening in our life may seem strange but they are always surprise in nature. In the first reading we hear that how the God’s prophet heals a pagan soldier named Naaman, who was a leper. Naaman thought it was simply futile to dip himself seven times in the River Jorden, as instructed by the Prophet Elisha. Yet, when he did it, there was a miraculous effect in his life, his flesh became firm and healthy, like that of a child. In the gospel reading we hear that people rejected Jesus in his own town because they thought that his ways were ridiculous. But everything he did was creative and life giving in nature, bringing the dead to life, cleansing the lepers, forgiving sins etc. Jesus refers to this cure of Naaman, as well as to God’s favor for a poor widow from another pagan land. God blessed their lives as symbol of salvation even though they were not members of the chosen Jewish people. The story of Naaman reminds us about Ester sacrament of baptism. Today’s liturgy discovers in the waters of the Jordan River that cleanse Naaman’s body of his leprosy a symbol of the baptismal waters that unites us to our Lord’s risen body.
Bro. Prakash Horo

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